If you don’t already know about Sunfish, prepare to have your mind musically blown! Comprising the ultimate guys-next-door, this band perfectly harnesses the raw energy of teenage angst and then refines it into ear-shattering guitar solos and deafening drum beats...Sunfish is becoming an absolute game-changer for the sound of Salt Lake City—they are as adaptable as a chameleon with twice as many colors, and yet somehow still relatively undiscovered. There are no boundaries to what this band can achieve; from psychedelic grooves to funky beats, Sunfish masters whatever sound they choose to finesse that week.” - Sage Holt

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Sunfish is a rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Carter Sears (vocals and guitar), has guided Sunfish since its founding. He is joined on stage by Courtney Lane on keys and backing vocals and Nathan Shen on Bass as well as an array of other friends and musicians who share his love of performing,  packed venues and rock and roll. 

Sunfish has made a splash rocking the local music scene as well as being featured on multiple Spotify editorial playlists, including: Fresh Finds: Rock, Alternative Noise and All New Rock to name a few.   

This youthful band belies years of serious study and tour experience, which is quickly revealed through the energy of their live performances, each an eclectic set that defies easy categorization but has been enthusiastically coined as "Glitch Grunge." Sunfish always has the audience on their feet and the mosh pit jumping.  In a word, Sunfish Rocks. They have opened for and/or toured with Arlie, Dead Poets Society, Friday Pilots Club and most recently Badflower. 

Join the hundreds of thousands who have already streamed Sunfish on Apple Music and Spotify, or, as with all things fishy, best to catch them live!

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